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  • Source: ARTNEWS
  • Date: MARCH 08, 2017
  • Format: DIGITAL

Terence Koh Seeks Volunteers for ‘Sharing Exercise’ in Los Angeles

Installation view of Terence Koh’s current show at Moran Borandoff.

With his show closing this weekend at Moran Borandoff gallery in Los Angeles, oddball art-world recluse Terence Koh will hold a performance—and he’s looking for volunteers. Participants will be asked to tell a personal story about their background in a “safe space.”

A previous Koh performance, last summer at New York’s Andrew Edlin Gallery, involved honoring the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida by beaming their names into space. This one, on the other hand, is simply described in a release as a “sharing exercise.”

Need some inspiration for what to share? The gallery has some ideas for who might want to participate. In a statement, the gallery said:

We’d love to hear from buddhists, muslims, christians, transgender people, gun rights advocates, gun control advocates, Bernie Sanders supporters, Hillary Clinton supporters, Trump supporters, conservatives, full time uber drivers, American Indians, actors, climate scientists, grocery store cashiers, stock brokers, tech people, dancers, writers, accountants, housewives, house husbands, unemployed people, astronomers, preppers, permaculturists, mathematicians, civil rights lawyers, etc…

Those interested in the performance, which will happen on Saturday, March 11, are asked to email the gallery.