Out on one of the Whitney’s roof decks, Nicole Eisenman has created what could be a monument to the opposite of that sensibility, reveling in imperfection. Her work is called Procession (2019), and it’s a troupe of 10 wildly disparate sculptural figures, all unwieldy and unusual in different ways, all pointed in one direction as they trudge along. Some are atop wheels, one person is riding on another’s back, and a giant up front is pulling along a prostate figure on a cart slapped with a bumper sticker that reads HOW’S MY SCULPTING? CALL 1-800-EAT-SHIT. (I called. It’s a phone sex line.)

It’s not clear if this is a celebration or a funeral march or something else entirely. It’s also impossible to know where they’re going, but you sense they are going to get there.