Sam Falls

Untitled (Pink, Val Verde, CA), 2011
Cotton, dye and metal grommets
74 x 36 inches
188 x 91.5 cm

Somewhere to Go

New York-based artist Sam Falls presents three series of new work based on his interest in aesthetic trends in photography and their relationship to modernism/minimalism in painting. The artist experiments with analog photographic processes that abandon traditional materials and methods, using instead colored construction paper and fabric as his surface, and exposure to natural elements, such as sunlight and rain, in lieu of a darkroom and chemicals. The work also references modernist ideals of removing conventions of realism, such as subject matter and the picture plane, to draw attention instead to process and materials. Somewhere to Go illustrates the plasticity of photography, expanding its application and potential, while also renewing a dialogue with methods of abstraction and the principles of Modernism.

May 21 - Jun 11, 2011

937 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069