Daniel Arsham

Study of the Eroded Basketball, 2014
Gouache on mylar
51 x 65 inches
129.5 x 165.1 cm

Kick the Tires and Light the Fires

OHWOW Gallery is pleased to announce Daniel Arsham’s exhibition Kick the Tires and Light the Fires, presenting a new series of Arsham’s sculptural and two-dimensional work, based around aspects of American culture and the archeology of memory.

Molding volume from geological elements, Arsham creates topologically manipulated versions of standard, mass-produced items, as if they deteriorated over long periods of time. Objects familiar and integral to America’s cultural heritage, such as Goodyear tires, NBA basketballs, and a McDonalds sign, are cast directly at their original scale. Rather than replicating them classically with plastics or alloys, he instead uses rocks and minerals, such as obsidian, quartz, volcanic ash, or glacial rock dust. By utilizing geological elements to depict modern convention, he imbues these objects with geological time.

A confusion of temporal dimension arises because it is unclear how to interpret the work: does it concern the future, present, or past? It could seem as though these objects suggest discovery by a future generation – they look deteriorated, and now calcified; on the other hand, each item is clearly recognizable as a relatively recent invention. Potentially, this work presents psychic artifacts, tangible predictions created by a past civilization forecasting the demise of a subsequent culture.

Consequently, the complete arrangement of the pieces presented in Kick the Tires and Light the Fires could be construed as a libertine’s collection of objects from the past; or, an institutional archive of items – engineered reconstructions from accounts of partial recollections, depicting objects typical of the 20th century; or, a selection of antiques, neglected possessions, now recovered and presented as treasures – contemporary icons.

Daniel Arsham (b.1980, Cleveland, OH) lives in New York, NY and works in Brooklyn, NY. He is a graduate of Cooper Union, and a recipient of the Gelman Trust Fellowship. He has exhibited at various institutions, such as PS1, New York, NY; Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL; New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY; Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA; The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL; and the Carré d’Art de Nîmes, Nîmes, France. Arsham’s work is included in public collections at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN; the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL; Louis Vuitton Collection, Paris, France; and in The Four Seasons Miami Collection, Miami, FL. Kick the Tires and Light the Fires is Daniel Arsham’s second solo exhibition at OHWOW Gallery.

Apr 05 - May 03, 2014

937 N. La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90069