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  • Date: APRIL 01, 2019

Chelsea Culprit’s Nocturnal Chimeras

Elastic Chimeras Unbound and Regenerating, 2019, Lulu Gallery

Chelsea Culprit’s work is dedicated to the motion of women, in particular the motion of work, and how labour transforms the body. Her paintings explore the female nude as it becomes classed and gendered, then mutated by the flows of capital into an ornate aggregate of social codes. Matisse, if he were as preoccupied with the aesthetics of the strip club dancer as the Instagram girls of this moment. Max Beckmann if he were born a woman, less obsessed with his own image and more with dismantling oppressive visual histories. The Mexico City based artist is currently exhibiting a new body of work at Lulu. Malas Madres, or bad mothers, showcases Culprit’s seductive and terrifying chimeras, this time with nothing more than home-made charcoal on unprimed canvas. Known to experiment with many different mediums, Culprit’s more reduced approach in Malas Madres packs the same punch as her highly saturated past works. Special thanks to Queer Thoughts and Lulu for images. -Olivia Whittick

High Spirited Chimeras With Hypnotic Digital Masks II, 2018, Queer Thoughts Gallery

Butterfly Moth In Transcendental State, 2018, Queer Thoughts Gallery

Flying Icarus Donation Box with Bells, 2019, Maureen Pale

Two Spirit Two Lips for Jade, 2019, Lulu Gallery

Masked Chimeras With Antique Lamps In Modern Forests, 2019, Lulu Gallery

Making Rain, 2017, Yautepec Gallery

Fantastic Budding Chimera in Miss America Rocket Boots with Dishtowel, 2018, Maureen Paley