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  • Source: The New York Times
  • Author: Kat Herriman
  • Date: December 07, 2017

8 Highlights From Miami Art Week:

Bright Young Stars at Art Basel Miami Beach

Installation view of Torey Thornton’s work at Essex Street’s booth. Courtesy of the artist and Essex Street, New York

Art Basel Miami Beach feels decidedly unpolitical this year, serving up its usual mix of monumental sculptures, loud neons and wall-swallowing paintings by name-brand artists. Thankfully further from the gravitational pull of blue chip dealers like Gagosian and Gavin Brown, these tropes break down and new names emerge. Such is the case at the Pilar Corrias booth, where one can spot the bright, patchy figures of Tschabalala Self, a young painter, whose works starred in the New Museum’s “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon” show this fall.

The Nova sector, dedicated to younger galleries and their artists, feels particularly rich thanks to unexpected pauses like the ethereal mix of Dawn Kasper’s glowing, dangling sculptures and a monumental abstract painting by Lucy Dodd at David Lewis. There are also more solo presentations in this sector, allowing visitors the chance to really immerse themselves in the work. A solo presentation by the New York-based artist Torey Thornton at Essex Street gallery, which stands out for its minimal design and an eye-catching, acid green painting one can see all the way down the hall.

Art Basel Miami Beach is open from Wednesday, Dec. 6 to Sunday, Dec. 10 at 1901 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, Fla., 33139