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  • Date: MARCH 19, 2021
  • Format: ONLINE

Kenny Rivero | Palm Oil, Rum, Honey, Yellow Flowers at BMAC

Kenny Rivero, Don't Look for Me, 2020
Color pencil, graphite, colored pencil on reclaimed paper from a record sleeve
12¼ x 12⅜ inches
(31.1 x 31.5. cm)

The Brattleboro Museum & Art Center (BMAC) is presenting the first museum solo show of New York-based visual artist and musician Kenny Rivero, opening today, March 18, until June 13, 2021. The works on view feature drawings on paper that Rivero intercepted from the trash, mostly while working as a doorman for eight years in a luxury, prewar residential building in New York City.

“The works in this body of drawings point directly to death, violence, fear, faith, spirituality, war, and magic. The setting is an abstracted landscape informed by the people, architecture, culture and aesthetics of Washington Heights in New York (more broadly, the culture of uptown and the Bronx) and the Dominican Republic (more specifically, Santiago and the Cibáo). The work is autobiographical, and I’m invested in building a knowledge of self as it relates to a variety of areas.” – Kenny Rivero

Epitomizing the subculture of ‘Old New York’, the show at BMAC will be accessible internationally by way of an interactive, high-resolution, walk-through interface hosted on the Museum’s website.

Kenny Rivero, Are You Far Behind, 2018-2020
Watercolor, graphite, india ink on paper
11½ x 8¼ inches
(29.2 x 21 cm)

Kenny Rivero, Bather, 2016-2020
India ink on paper
11½ x 8¼ inches
(29.2 x 21cm)

Kenny Rivero, Untitled (Politician), 2018-2020
Watercolor, graphite on paper
11½ x 8¼ inches
(29.2 x 21cm)

Kenny Rivero, I Want to Go Home Now, 2015-2020
Graphite on paper
13¾ x 10¼ inches
(34.9 x 26.2 cm)