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  • Date: SEPTEMBER 11, 2021
  • Format: ONLINE

In Person Again, the 2021 Armory Show Celebrates Superlatives

In its first edition since the pandemic began, the fair celebrates two firsts: a new venue and season for presentation.

Kenny Rivero at Charles Moffett Gallery's Armory Show booth. Photography by Vlad Weinstein.

Charles Moffett

Another pristinely-curated booth is New York-based Charles Moffett gallery’s solo presentation of Kenny Rivero’s drawings, which coincides with the artist’s solo exhibition “The Floor Is Crooked” at The Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Arkansas. Imbalance in this presentation is rendered metaphorically to reflect class disparity in Rivero’s whimsical drawings over discarded papers that he collected while working as a doorman at a posh Manhattan residential. Totaling 29, the drawings are exhibited across the walls as well as in wooden vitrines. From record sleeves to sewing templates, the artist’s source material offers varying textures and shades to his candid sketches that silently speak about manhood, brown identity or isolation. Cartoonish and enigmatic, the artist’s visual language both opens a door to his subconscious and raises curiosity about his symbolistic details.