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  • Source: OCULA
  • Date: APRIL 18, 2022
  • Format: DIGITAL

EXPO CHICAGO 2022: Artist Highlights

Reporting from Chicago, Ocula Magazine explores the practices of just some of the artists who stood out among the 140 galleries at EXPO CHICAGO (7–10 April 2022).

Exhibition view: Chelsea Culprit, Susurro Sibila, Revolver Galería, Buenos Aires (22 April–15 August 2021). Courtesy Revolver Galería.

Chelsea Culprit at Revolver Galería

It’s always nice to walk into a gallery booth at an art fair and feel like you are walking into something composed—and not just the moveable equivalent of a summer group show with the gallery’s biggest names.

That’s how it felt wandering through EXPO’s PROFILE sector, which focuses on thematic exhibitions, and seeing Chelsea Culprit’s work at Revolver Galería’s booth.

Hung from the ceiling, suspended front and centre, was a trio of sculptures composed from coloured, plexiglass slats cut into outlines of body parts to create an abstracted figure. Their shadows and hued reflections hit the walls, with two hosting a charcoal on canvas rendering of similar overlapping bodily lines.

The body of work tells the story of sibyls, prophetesses from Greek mythology who were placed in a state of trance before offering predictions, making these coloured sculptures a kind of Platonian diagram of shadows dancing, us looking.