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  • Source: ART IN AMERICA
  • Author: EDITORS
  • Date: MAY 3, 2023
  • Format: DIGITAL

Datebook: The Art World’s Summer Happenings to Add to Your Calendar


Brian Belott, Sound Scribbles

The cover of Brian Belott's album Sound Scribbles.
Photo : Courtesy RVNG International, New York

A painter and sculptor who ventures into wide-ranging varieties of performance and other art, Brian Belott also conducts experiments using his mouth and ramshackle recording equipment. Sound Scribbles gathers sounds that many listeners might hesitate to classify as music, some with melodies and beats but most veering toward sound poetry and the glorious legacy of nonsense sounds proffered by touchpoint artists ranging from Kurt Schwitters and Hugo Ball to Ernie Kovacs and Jerry Lewis. Sample song titles: “We Found the Woop,” “Beal Jubjeb,” “Shrimp Tickles Ballyhoo,” and “Pranking the Art Dealer.”