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  • Source: ARTNET NEWS
  • Author: Caroline Goldstein & Sarah Cascone
  • Date: SEPTEMBER 19, 2022
  • Format: ONLINE

10 Buzzy Gallery Shows Not to Miss in New York This Month, From Uptown to Tribeca

Brian Belott, Reassembler 9 Mɥɐʇ ʎon ɥǝɐɹ¿, (2022). Courtesy of the artist and Canada.

The artist, performer, and found-object enthusiast Brian Belott’s collages are a paradoxically rigorous jumble of shapes and colors, with just enough snippets of text or imagery to spark memories and make connections to objects or scenes. The title of the show is a reference to an idea the artist’s late father devised: an invention called the “reassembler” that could take shredded documents and make them whole again (in a prankish twist, the stitched papers, which presumably had been destroyed for a reason, would then be sold back to the owner on eBay).