Tim Barber
Untitled (cloud), 2003
40 x 60 inches
101.6 x 152.4 cm

Untitled Photographs

In his first major U.S. show, Untitled Photographs, Barber presents a collection of images spanning his fifteen years behind the lens. Known for elegantly composed observations that locate complex beauty in the seemingly mundane, Barber’s Untitled Photographs offers a selection of over forty of his images. From portraits to landscapes to narrative scenes, Barber approaches all of his subject matter with a palpable delicacy. Expanding on amateur aesthetics, these images can feel as much like spontaneous documentation of the artist’s adventures as careful compositions. The line between autobiography and fiction is as ethereal as the overall tone of the work. In the case of Barber’s photography, ambiguity is seductive, and the lure of fantasy eclipses the security of literality.

Known equally for his curatorial practice as he is a photographer, Barber has established himself as the authority on up-and-coming photographic talent and as a true arbiter of taste in the young, global artist community. His legendary and massive tinyvices group shows – featuring hundreds of photographers and artists – have been exhibited around the world, and his publishing ventures, including the prolific imprint TV Books and a curated series of five artists monographs, published by the Aperture Foundation, have garnered critical acclaim.

Nov 13 - Nov 27, 2010

Miami, FL