It’s Not the Heat, it’s the Humility

For his premiere solo exhibition at OHWOW Gallery, Michael Genovese releases a recent body of work that will include site-specific installations, sculpture, and paintings. A Chicago native, Genovese instinctively carries a metropolitan dialect and acumen into his work. An early exposure to multiculturalism joined with his professional training as a sign painter led to a socially inspired vehicle of expression. Creating work that makes use of his technical abilities and familiarity with specific materials, Genovese’s ability to open a communal discourse ultimately became his trademark style. Through public murals and installations, his deft handling of type and unorthodox use of industrialized media further cemented his status. His latest work exemplifies his focus on community and its influence, but also digs inward and begins the process of reconciling his public works with his personal journeys.

Michael Genovese (b. 1976, Chicago, IL) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He has exhibited at institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL; University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX; Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL; Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum; and the Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL. His work is included in public collections at The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum, Miami, FL, and the Pérez Art Museum Miami, FL.

Jun 13 - Jul 25, 2009

Miami, FL